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Barbershop Harmony Society

Friday & Saturday
March 25-26, 2022
Dayton Convention Center
Dayton, Ohio


Schedule of Events

Friday, March 25

Registration Opens **

Non-Contest Activities **

Doors Open **

Quartet Semi-Finals Contest **

President's Hospitality Room *

Saturday, March 26

Registration Opens **

EIH Chorus Rehearsal **

Chorus Contest **

Registration **

Quartet Finals **

Hospitality Rooms Open *

Sunday, March 27

Gospel Sing

*Headquarters Hotel

** Contest Site

3:00 PM

1:00 to 5:30 PM

5:30 PM

6:00 PM

After the Contest


8:30 AM

9:00 AM

10:00 AM

5:00 PM

7:00 PM

10:00 PM

8:00 AM

Radisson Hotel

Dayton Convention Center

Everyone In Harmony Mic Testing Chorus

Is your chorus not competing this weekend? You can still sing on the Contest Stage with the Everyone In Harmony Mic Testing Chorus! Be on the Dayton Convention Center stage Saturday morning at 9:00 am to sing through a couple of Barbershop Standards under the direction of Dr. Jay Dougherty. WE WILL HAVE A GREAT TIME! Come be part of the fun!


Dr. Jay Dougherty

Jay is the Director of Choral Activities at Marietta College in Southeast Ohio. He also serves as the director of the City of Flags Chorus (SAI) in Canton, Ohio, and as the director of The Alliance Of Greater Central Ohio Chorus (BHS) in Columbus, Ohio. Jay holds a Doctor of Musical Arts in Choral Conducting (DMA) from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Jay is a district quartet champion (RMD), and has multiple 4th place chorus medals with the Sound of the Rockies Chorus. He is a certified BHS Music Judge and is a 9-year faculty member at Harmony University where he teaches tuning and conducting. He is a regular coach and clinician for many quartets and choruses around the world, having recently coached at barbershop events in Germany and Holland. Jay lives in Vincent, Ohio, with his wife and five daughters.

JAD District President

David Rubin

JAD Events Team

CAR District President

Willard Adkins

CAR Events Team

Hospitality Rooms

President's Hospitality

Friday / After Contest / Radisson Salon A

Southern Gateway

Saturday / Radisson Salon A


Saturday / Radisson Salon B

Voices of Harmony

Buck Hinman Lounge

Saturday / Radisson Salon C

Greater Indianapolis

Saturday / Radisson Harrison Room


BHS Judging Panel

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The Music judge is responsible for adjudicating the musical elements of the performance. He judges the degree to which the musical delivery demonstrates an artistic sensitivity to the song’s ongoing predominant musical element(s) and mood or story, as well as the extent to which the musical performance displays the hallmarks of the barbershop style. One of the primary hallmarks of barbershop music is its consonant harmony. Thus, the quality of performance depends largely on the ensemble presence, accurate execution, and artistic delivery of the consonant harmonies traditionally identified with the barbershop style. Indirectly, the Music judge evaluates the work of the composer and arranger. A basic prerequisite for a successful barbershop performance is that the song be appropriate to the barbershop style.



One significant goal of any art form is communication. A barbershop performance refers to how the artist communicates his/her message and vision via the transformation of a song into an entertaining experience for an audience. The performance of a song is the artist’s gift to the audience; whose experiences, memories, and imagination transform that gift into an emotional experience. The performers’ goal is to create a high level of entertainment through the performance. The means to that end are as varied as the personality, abilities, and creative skills of the performers.



Judges in this category evaluate the degree to which the performer achieves artistic singing in the barbershop style: the production of vibrant, rich, resonant, technically accurate, and highly skilled sound, created both by the individual singer’s use of good vocal techniques and by the ensemble processes of tuning, balancing, unity of sound and precision. They listen for a sense of precise intonation, a feeling of fullness or expansion of sound, a perception of a high degree of vocal skill, a high level of unity and consistency throughout the performance, and a freedom from apparent effort that allows the full communication of the lyric and song.

JAD President's Welcome

Welcome, welcome, welcome to a District Convention … how long have we been waiting to say that! And to share this with our friends in Cardinal makes this even better.

While most of us have been back to some in-person singing, this is a chance to reconnect with long-time friends, hear other singers, and sing with folks we have not sung with in years—or ever. I, for one, cannot wait.

As you have probably noticed, there are a variety of activities this weekend, including of course the contest sessions, classes, and some great social time in the evenings. Enjoy yourself, try everything, and stay safe.

I look forward to talking to many of you - sharing pandemic stories and how chapters, quartets, and our Districts can move forward to make barbershop even better.

Great to see you and I hope to sing with you this weekend,
Dave Rubin
JAD President

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CAR President's Welcome

Hello everyone!

It is with great pleasure that I welcome all Cardinal and Johnny Appleseed District singers to Dayton. This weekend marks the culmination of plans that have been in the making for over two years! Before the pandemic shut everything down, the CAR and JAD Boards had agreed to hold a joint convention with the idea that it would be a great chance to bring us together with our District neighbors. That joint convention is finally here!

Before we get started, a huge thank you to the events team from both CAR and JAD! They have been working very hard to ensure that we hold a safe, high-quality convention, all while closely monitoring the evolving situation brought about by Covid-19. If you get a chance, please take a moment to thank them for all of their hard work and dedication in bringing this event to fruition.

Throughout the weekend, be sure to catch up with lots of old friends, certainly take some time to make lots of new friends, and of course, do some amazing singing! Check out the schedule of events and go enjoy some of the fantastic offerings. It's been a while since we've been together - let's make the most of every moment we can.

Hopefully, I'll get a chance to speak with each and every one of you, to thank you for joining us this weekend - You are appreciated! Once again, a very warm welcome to you, and if you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to say “Hi!” - do not hesitate to find me!

Yours in Harmony,
Willard Adkins
President - Cardinal District

Welcome from your JAD

Director of Events & Conventions

Welcome JAD/CAR Barbershoppers, family, friends, and guests to our 2022 Spring Convention here in Dayton, OH. This convention is a long time coming and we are excited you are here this weekend!

For the past two years, the events team of both JAD and Cardinal have been working to plan events each season and we are thrilled to FINALLY see you in person! We are thrilled to have such a turnout of performers this weekend! In addition to a great contest our teams have worked hard to facilitate some AMAZING fellowship and educational opportunities, hope you will check those out!

Big thank you to both Events Teams and District Boards for their efforts to make this weekend the success that it is! Specifically, Steve Sommer and Skipp Kropp for their continued guidance and support!

We hope that you enjoy your experience this weekend, should you have any comments, questions, or concerns please feel free to find me, or one of my team, this weekend or shoot me a note at nmillerjad@gmail.com anytime!

Once again welcome to our 2022 Spring Convention!
Nathan Miller

Director of Events & Conventions

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BHS Representative

Brent Suver

Harmony Foundation logo350.png

HFI Representative

Matt Hopper

Welcome from your CAR

Events & Conventions Vice President

Hi, my name is Jim DeBusman, the Cardinal District’s Events Vice President. We wish to welcome all of you to join us for a fantastic first-ever combined Cardinal/Johnny Appleseed District’s Convention weekend celebration filled with multiple activities, singing, and quartet/chorus competitions.

There will be many activities going on throughout the weekend. Yes, it will be a convention … not just a competition. Many of those activities, you may wish to choose during a singing session, are listed in the program. That will be just fine. The whole idea is to enjoy whatever you are attracted to at this wonderful convention.

On behalf of the Barbershop Harmony Society, the Cardinal and Johnny Appleseed Districts, thank you for your interest and participation. We know you will really enjoy being a part of this wonderful weekend celebration of music and togetherness.

Calendar of Events

BHS International

Charlotte, NC

Harmony University

Loyola University

New Orleans, LA


Location TBD

BHS Midwinter

Daytona Beach, FL

July 3-10, 2022

July 24-31, 2022

Jan 6-7, 2023

Feb 7-12, 2023

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Order p2.png
Order p3.png
Chorus p1.png
Chorus p2.png

Non-Contest Activities

New Music Reading Sessions
Carl Taylor, Facilitator
Saturday / 2 pm & 3 pm / DCC 303

A favorite returns! Come sing through 5 new charts with Carl Taylor and his band of Merry Folks leading the charge.
Copies of the new music will be provided onsite, and you get to keep the music. Each song will be introduced, quickly evaluated for pitfalls, repertoire use, and style. Then the group sings along with media once, and without media once. This is a great way to scout possible music for your groups. Bring your whole quartet and, viola, you have 4 copies of 5 new songs!
Additional Faculty: Doug Smeltz, Ted Rose, Matt Hopper

Sing with Ringers
Ted Rose, Facilitator
Saturday / 1 pm / DCC 303

Have you ever wanted to try to spread your wings with a group of talented singers? Teach a tag, direct a song, try a warm-up, use a technique, coach, listen for change in sound, maybe just sing along. We will have 8 accomplished performers available to help folks try out their skills with whatever variety of tactics the attendees would like to try out. Put a brief blurb about what you want to try on a list at the beginning, and we will see what we can get to.
Additional Faculty: Nate Ogg, David Calland, Brent Suver, Jay Dougherty, Mixed Nuts Quartet


The Polecattery
Doug Smeltz, Facilitator
Friday / 2 pm / Radisson Salon C

All polecats, all the time.

We will have plenty of books available to sing through the polecats from both series I and series II. This will be a great opportunity to get your polecat pin, try singing new parts, challenge your sight-reading, and just have fun with other singers on some of our most cherished tunes!
Additional Faculty: Jay Dougherty, Brent Suver


All Weekend / Radisson McKinley

Come practice the skill of harmonizing by ear. We will have a few accomplished guides and some sample melodies so you can learn to sing barbershop the way they did it originally. The room will be open during most of the convention!

Co-Creative Music
Ted Rose, Facilitator
Friday / 4 pm / Radisson Salon A

Release your inhibitions and learn how to “Arrange on the Fly” with some simple popular music. Many popular songs have the same chord progression and similar rhythms. Let’s learn together how to bring a song to life real-time in a group. The exercise challenges learners to explore architectural elements of songs and basic arranging ideas in a more organic way.
Additional Faculty: Jay Dougherty

Meet and Greet Over Tags
Doug Smeltz, Facilitator
Friday / 3 pm / Radisson Salon C

We never need an excuse to sing, but sometimes we need a social reason to gather so that it will happen. This place is for you! I know most of us have smartphones and Tagmaster by now, but there will be tag books here too! Come in, put on a name badge, add some neat facts about yourself, and use that as an opportunity to try out some tags with new people. What does a quartet sound like when it is all dog lovers? Are baritones really more left-handed? The chorus member beside you has been a carpenter the whole time?
Additional Faculty: Jay Dougherty, Matt Hopper, Ted Rose

Game Room
Jessica Virtz, Facilitator
Friday / After Contest / Radisson Salon B

Cards, Board Games, Barbershop Games, etc. The better friends we are, the better we sing together. Also, game theory teaches us that learning is more efficient when there is fun! Take a break with friends and let the weekend sink in as you enjoy those you haven’t seen in a while!

During Contest Sessions / Radisson 301

Want to attend convention, but worried about the care of your young one while you have some fun? We’ve got the place for you! The room will have comfy seats and plenty of room for little ones to run around. Bring your games and toys and let them go crazy.

PVIs (Personal Vocal Instruction)
Nate Ogg, Facilitator
Room Assignments Provided On Site

Our top vocal faculty will be present by appointment to give guided advice to vocal development on a one-on-one or small group level. This will be tailored to the participant's needs and is a great way to get some direct feedback from awesome teachers.
Additional Faculty: David Calland, Natalie Berdahl, Keith Harker, Ted Rose


Visual Guide to Overtones
Jay Dougherty, Facilitator
Saturday / 2 pm / Radisson Salon A

New free apps make understanding overtones easier than ever! Use software on computers and cell phones to see overtones, and learn ways to use this tool for your own vocal development of intonation, registration, resonation, and even chord structures.
Additional Faculty: Doug Smeltz

Sfortzwhatso? Demented Forth? Cantus Firmus? Riff?
Ted Rose, Facilitator
Friday / 3 pm / Radisson Salon A
Musical Terminology Across Genres

A jazz musician, high-school band director, Catholic Organist, and Theater Major walk into a bar. How do we efficiently teach them a tag? We will discuss terminology used in different styles, and their analogs, so that we can help anyone be the best barbershopper they can, and show them that there is more in common than different.

The Voice: Inside-Out, Top-to-Bottom
Saturday / 4 pm / Radisson Salon A

This is a one-stop shop to go over the interconnectedness of the body and how it is used to sing. A guided exploration of the physiology of the body, and how it functions through the pyramid of singing (alignment, respiration, phonation, resonation, and articulation).
Faculty: Ted Rose, Keith Harker, Nate Ogg, David Calland


The Categories of the Contest
Jay Dougherty and Nate Ogg, Facilitators
Friday / 4 pm / Radisson Salon C

What are the Categories, why do we use them, why are contest run the way they are? This round table discussion will do a dive into why we use the categories to compare various groups, and why the contest flows the way that it does in order to give everyone a fair experience, candid feedback, and the best growth tools possible.

IT / Tech Q & A
Ted Rose, Facilitator
Friday / 2 pm / Radisson Salon A
Open discussion of all things Tech.

Some experts in the tech world will be on staff to help answer whatever questions you may have. This will be a round-table-style discussion. Open topic content.

What If (Anything) Needs Adjusted for Mixed Voices
Jay Dougherty, Facilitator
Saturday / 3 pm / Radisson Salon A

A practicum on the ideas of tweaking or re-arranging around various ensemble make-ups. We will explore some of the ins and outs of different voicing combinations: what factors to consider, typical and atypical voice circumstances, when to rekey, when to re-arrange, etc. We will have an example quartet and use tags, polecats, and stock arrangements to demonstrate things. With enough participants, we may also break into groups and put the learning into practice!
Additional Faculty: Mixed Nuts, Michael Bare, Natalie Berdahl

Johnny Appleseed District
Leadership Team

President: David Rubin
Immediate Past President: Chris Foisy
Executive Vice President: C.C. Snyder
Secretary: Jeff Ulrich
Treasurer: Chad Lulfs
Member at Large SW: David Short
Member at Large SE: Steve Patrick
Member at Large NE: Karl Chapple
Member at Large NW: Will Baughman

JAD Logo.jpg
Operations Team

Director of Contest and Judging: Bari Courts
Director of Events: Nathan Miller
Director of Music Leadership: Karen Boyer
Director of Administrative Leadership: Ric Keaster
Director of Outreach: Rusty Cates
Director of Marketing: Michele Niec
Technology & Communication Czar: C.C. Snyder

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Cardinal District
Leadership Team

President: Willard Adkins
Immediate Past President: Bari Courts
Executive Vice President: Gordon Morrow
Secretary: John Frantsvog
Treasurer: Jerry Troxel
VP of Events: Jim DeBusman
VP of Leadership Development: Don Green
Member at Large: Jordan Busboom
Member at Large: Keith Hanthorn

Cardinal Logo.jpg
Operations Team

Music & Performance
Director of Chorus Director Development: Ariel Cudworth
Director of Quartet Development: Steve Burke
District Rep for Contest & Judging: David Zimmerman

Membership Services
Director of Member Services: D. Joey Larr
Director of Communications: Jerry Troxel

Director of Youth in Harmony: Kohl Kitzmiller
Dir of Marketing & Public Relations: Jordan Busboom

Other District Contacts
District Registrar: Gary Sicard
District Awards Chairman: Steve McCullough
District Webmaster: Jordan Busboom