This year we're proud to host our friends from the Cardinal & Pioneer Districts

Leadership Academy is a weekend training seminar for chapter leadership.  Courses are offered for chapter officers, musical leadership, and future leaders.  It's a great opportunity for those interested in leadership to hear new concepts, network, get some essential leadership tools, get in some singing, and experience some solid fellowship.  LeadAc is done early in the year so chapter leadership can go back to their chapters energized and full of new ideas.​​

Jan 6-7, 2023

Fri 7:00pm - Sat 5:00pm

100 Green Meadows Dr South, Lewis Center, OH 43035


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Leadership Academy 2023 Features

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Keynote Speaker & Featured Instructor: Steve Scott

Steve Scott, Director of Harmony University & Education Services for the Barbershop Harmony Society, will share with us his thoughts on the importance of leadership and where he feels the state of our craft currently exists.  

Steve will also be working directly with the Directors and Music Teams!

LeadAc:  Traditional Tracks for Chapter Leaders

Select this option during the Eventbrite registration.  Choose from the following:

  • President:  Skipp Kropp (former BHS & JAD President)

  • Secretary:  John Frantsvog (CAR Secretary)

  • Treasurer:  Jerry Troxel (CAR Treasurer)

  • Directors, Music & Performance:  Steve Scott (Director of Harmony University & Education Services for BHS)Jay Butterfield (director emeritus of Parkside Harmony)

  • Membership & Marketing:  Dennis Castiglione (Harmony Foundation)

Electives:  Extra Learning for Everyone
  • Top Gun Entertainment – The five top-notch quartets present for their Top Gun coaching sessions on Saturday will entertain us Friday evening during the Opening Session. Don’t miss it!

  • Coaching “Under Glass” – The Core will allow us to observe one of their Top Gun coaching sessions. See what a great quartet experiences when a coach works with them for an hour and a half. Q/A is available if time and structure allow.

  • Musical Illusions and Paradoxes - Optical illusions, OK, but what about audio illusions? This session includes audio examples that seem impossible. Participants will be exposed to new and different aspects of sound.

  • Teach Your Chorus to Sight Read - Your singers will learn music faster if they know how to read music. This session will help leaders (and those who are novices to sight reading) understand the principles behind this skill you can take back to your ensembles.

  • Vocal Craft Instead of Warm-Ups - What do we do with our “warm-up” time? How should that time be best used? What are the goals of the activities/exercises you choose to use? Learn how to better utilize “warm-up” time by actively engaging with singers to achieve more unity and vocal health.

  • Introverts in Your Ensembles: Strategies for Including More Reserved Singers - Do you have those in your ensembles that don't seem to participate much? This session will bring to light the most healthy and inclusive ways we can cater instruction and activities to help our more introverted singers feel welcomed and understood.

  • Imposter Syndrome: Conquering the Feelings of Inadequacy - Do you ever feel like everyone around you is a better musician than you are? Do you feel like you don't truly belong among the other great singers in your chorus? Maybe you're even the director. This session will present fascinating research on imposter syndrome and provide easy solutions to overcome it.

  • Bringing Your Songs to Life with Performance Techniques - You've learned the words and notes, but how do you make your song soar off the page? Learn how to make the message of the song your own and deliver it with emotion and storytelling. Utilize the lyrics in tandem with what the arranger has done for you throughout the song. Show your audience how you feel with the expression on your face and your body language. Soon you'll be entertaining everyone with a believable and authentic presentation of your music.

  • So You've Learned the Song, Now What? - Somewhere between being off-paper and walking on stage, the “magic” happens with your songs. This course is a mixture of rehearsal techniques and craft and paying close attention to the score and the lyrics. The magic is in the creativity that happens during the entire artistic process.

  • Performance Nerves: Ways to Recognize and Overcome Anxiety - The session will focus on recognizing what is happening in the moment that makes you anxious or nervous, regardless of audience or venue, and how to make these “butterflies” work for you.

  • BHS/JAD/Local Chapters 101 – Even if you aren’t new to this world of barbershop, you still might be wondering how these three organizations function both together and separately. Contributions and benefits of each will be discussed for greater understanding and clarity (and appreciation).

  • Impromptu Quartet Coaching – All of us enjoy singing Pole Cats and Tags with folks we have never met or sung with before. What if you could do that and get some group and individual coaching at the same time? Options for three different sessions and two different coaches will be offered.


Registration & Payment

To register please go to JAD 2023 Leadership Academy Registration. You may choose to pay through Eventbrite (linked below) using a credit card. 

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  • Single Occupancy includes breakfast and lunch on Saturday

  • Double Occupancy includes breakfast and lunch on Saturday.  You must share the room with another LeadAc attendee.

  • Commuter includes lunch on Saturday

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