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PVIs (Private Voice Instruction)

By Appointment

We have AMAZING vocal talents in our districts!  Sign up and spend an hour with one of them in a one-on-one (or one-on-few) to get some hands-on guidance in your preferred area. Contact Ted Rose at to sign up for a PVI.


Tags and Polecats

On-going All Weekend

Pick up one of the provided tag books or download one of the tag apps and get singing with some of your new friends! We will also use this time to discuss teaching etiquette, learning etiquette, practicing rote learning, and using TAG BUDDIES!

Town Hall Meeting with BHS CEO Marty Monson

Saturday 3:00 pm - Room #304 (DCC)

How To Use the Standing Ovation Program To Create A Great Show

Saturday 2:00 pm - Room #302 (DCC)

with Steve Waggoner

In the past, you could request a Standing Ovation Evaluation to send one of our trained evaluators to your show so they could provide you feedback on how to improve the package for future years. That’s still happening, but we’re taking a more proactive approach this year. Steve will go through the evaluation forms and put things in the light of “OK, so you're having a show; here’s how to use the form as a guideline to ensure your entire audience fully enjoys what you do!”

Using Biofeedback and Technology to Improve Your Voice

Saturday 2:00 pm - Room #304 (DCC)

with Ted Rose

Sometimes the voice seems like a mystery because all of its functions take place on the inside. There are ways to perceive those inner workings externally and not misinterpret what you are feeling to be able to work on the fundaments of using your instrument efficiently, effectively, and fully. This class will be very hands-on, and there will be a lot of singing!

Warm-Up Practicum for Ensemble Building, Rehearsal Planning, and Personal Development

Saturday 4:00 pm - Room #307 (DCC)

with Ted Rose

The voice is a series of muscles, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and bone throughout your body – as well as your mental, intellectual, and emotional state.  Ted takes this understanding and applies it to strengthening your toolkit of warm-ups by grouping them in ways that make it easy to apply to the areas you want to improve.  Whether that’s artistry, dynamics, endurance, volume, range, muscle memory, common patterns, agility, or any other thing – you’ll learn how to conceive of the fundamental core of purposes of various technique builders.

Music Reading Session

Saturday 4:00 pm– Room 302 (DCC)

with Matt Hopper

Back by popular demand!  Matt will run us through 4 tunes, a classic barbershop up-tune, a classic barbershop ballad, a fun mixed ensemble piece, and a more modern – barbershop umbrella – piece.  Always a great way to get your ears on some new music for your chorus or quartet!

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