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JAD Educational Opportunities

Mini-Apple Corps is a day long educational seminar with classes and sessions dedicated to variety of topics.  4 separate seminars are run annually in the 4 different geographic regions of the District.

Chorus Director Workshop Intensive is a program designed to help chorus directors and assistants learn more about conducting, rehearsal techniques, and working with a volunteer group.

Leadership Academy is a weekend seminar designed to educate chapter leadership in their roles.  Classes are offered for both administrative and musical leadership.  

The Standing Ovation Program is an unpublished evaluation of a performance, both quartet and chorus, designed to recognize the strengths in the performance and provide suggestions to enhance future performances.

Intensive Quartet Training is a day long camp that gives quartets the opportunity to get in front of a series of coaches.




Coaches Clearing House is a service provided by JAD that helps quartets find coaches.

Top Gun is a weekend training camp for the top quartets in the District, putting them in front of some of the best coaches in the Society.

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