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By the Old Ohio Shore
arr. by Jay Dougherty

   For our fall convention, I wanted to provide something that our EIH Chorus could sing in an SATB voicing. However, not a ton of SATB music exists quite yet, and those that do aren't usually free. So I figured I'd solve my problem by just writing something myself and gifting it to anyone that wants it. I explored several public domain melodies until I found this little gem from 1921. The lyrics seemed perfect for our district and surrounding areas. My goal was to make it as simple as possible while maintaining the sense of charm inherent in the original. This arrangement is the result. We'll debut it at our JAD/CAR convention with the EIH chorus, and perhaps use it at future conventions as well. My arrangement of this song is a gift to the barbershop community, and the melody is public domain, so there are no copyright issues. It's free to all, and choruses or quartets are welcome to pick it up as well if they choose to.


- Jay Dougherty

     The EIH Chorus will be singing as mic testers for the Saturday Chorus Contest.  The sheet music and learning tracks for "By the Old Ohio Shore" and "Sweet, Sweet Roses of Morn" are linked below and free to download.

By the Old Ohio Shore

By the Old Ohio Shore


Sweet, Sweet Roses of Morn

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