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by Mike Sisk

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Charlotte International Produces More Historics

Charlotte certainly was the convention to expand the already many historics of the BHS. How about the Mid Atlantic District becoming the sixth district to have posted three quartets to finish in the top five medals along with PIO, FWD, ILL, JAD, SUN? The Mid Atlantic may have also become the only district to have five quartets finish in the top 10!


Gary Lewis, of our new champs Quorum, has set the mark as the ONLY individual to have won three gold medals on three different voice parts (Platinum-tenor, MaxQ-baritone, and Quorum-bass).

That’s not all. Jay Hawkins now joins Freddie King and Brian Beck as the only three individuals to perform in international quartet competitions in six consecutive decades.

Freddie King

50’s-Oriole Four 

60’s Oriole Four

70’s Oriole Four

80‘s Pro’s and Cons

90’s Untouchables

2000’s Premiere 

Brian Beck

60’s Doo Dads

70’s Doo Dads & Dealers Choice

80’s Side Street Ramblers

90’s Great Stage Robbery

2000’s Saturday Evening Post

2010 Eureka.                                 

Jay Hawkins

70’s Coalition

80’s Interstate Rivals

90's Naturals & Marquis

2000’s Sensations, New Sensations, & Four Aces

2010’s Lucky Day, The Franchise, & 7th Avenue

2020’s City Scape

Districts with 3 Medalists in the Same Year

Far Western District


1 Evans Quartet

4 Baytown Quartet

5 Saints


3 Golden Staters

4 Pacificaires

5 Far Westerners


1 Golden Staters

2 Pacificaires

4 Far Westerners

Sunshine District


3 Main Street

4 Signature

5 Throwback


1 Main Street

2 Signature

4 Throwback


1 Signature

2 Throwback

4 Rooftop Records

Illinois District


1 Elastic Four

4 Harmony Kings

5 Misfits


1 Chiefs of Staff

3 Chicago Chord of Trade

5 Chordiac Arrest

Pioneer District


2 Cleff Dwellers

3 Antlers

4 Songmasters


2 Cleff Dwellers

3 Antlers

4 Note Blenders

Johnny Appleseed District


1 Jokers Wild

3 Yesteryear

4 Marquis

Mid Atlantic District


2 Midtown

4 GQ

5 First Take

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