Volunteer to be a part of the Executive Committee for the 2021 BHS International Convention in Cleveland

David Rubin is the General Chairperson for the Executive Committee and, as such, needs to fill positions of leadership for the team. We are missing the following positions as of this moment: 

The positions noted in BOLD have been filled - those noted in red remain open at this time. Those with a bullet point are a part of the noted Chairperson's team. 

Volunteer Chairperson - FILLED

Events Chairperson - FILLED

Harmony Foundation International Coordinator

  • Association of International Champions Coordinator - FILLED

  • Dixieland Band Coordinator

  • Chorus Festival Coordinator

  • Church Service Coordinator

  • Harmony Platoon Coordinator

  • Quartet Festival Coordinator


External PR Chairperson - Dennis Castiglione

  • Local Marketing Coordinator

  • Local Event Coordinator

  • Local Outreach Coordinator


Internal PR Chairperson - Michele Niec

  • Registration Coordinator

  • Info Services Coordinator

  • Publishing Coordinator

  • Shirt/Pin Coordinator - FILLED

  • Office Coordinator


Hosting Chairperson - Jim Elliot

  • Youth Group Host Coordinator


Logistics Chairperson - Kim Calland

  • Backstage/Stage Coordinator - FILLED

  • House Coordinator

  • Transportation Coordinator

  • Riser Coordinator

  • Communications Coordinator

  • Security/Safety Coordinator

  • Registration/Marketplace Setup/Takedown Coordinator

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The Johnny Appleseed District is one of the 17 North American districts and an affiliate /associate entity of the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America, Inc. aka the Barbershop Harmony Society.  Founded in 1944, we are a nonprofit organization registered in the State of Ohio.  The District comprises all of Ohio, parts of West Virginia, southwest Pennsylvania, and one enlightened chapter in Kentucky with over 40 chapters.

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