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JAD Mixed Quartet Contest

  • Contest will be held at the Spring Convention

  • Each quartet must have at least 1 man and 1 woman.  The mix can be 3/1, 2/2, or 1/3.

  • At least 2 quartet members must live within JAD boundaries to be eligible for JAD District Mix Quartet Champions.

  • Standard BHS contest rules:

    • 2 songs​

    • BHS contestability rules (tenor above the melody, limited set of chord choices, etc.)

    • Walk on, sing, walk off

    • Read BHS contest rules here.

  • All singers must hold a JAD Convention registration

  • Singers do not have to be BHS, SAI, or Harmony Inc. members

  • Standard scoring (1-100 per judge per song) with a published score sheet

  • Winner and placements

  • Panel of BHS certified judges

  • No evaluations

  • This performance can be considered as a qualifier to enter the World Mixed Quartet Contest.  For more information for to  You will need to register with MBHA to be eligible.

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