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2016 Fall Convention – Scoresheets!


Future Conventions Page Added!

To assist those interested in finding out when future Fall and Spring Conventions will take place, a new page has been added to the JAD website.  You can find this new page called “Future Conventions” under the “Events” menu in the top navigation bar.

The direct URL is:  http://www.singjad.com/events/future-conventions/

Here are the Spring Convention dates for 2017-2021:

 2017 – April 21-22 (Easter is April 16th)

2018 – April 20-21 (Easter is April 1st )

2019 – April 12-13 (Easter is April 21)

2020 – April 17-18 (Easter is April 12th)

2021 – April 16-17 (Easter is April 4th)

 The Fall Conventions are NOT set in stone except for the next two which are:

 2016 – October 14-15

 2017 – October 20-21