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Johnny Appleseed District and
Cardinal District of the

Barbershop Harmony Society

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Friday & Saturday
March 24-25, 2023
Dayton Convention Center
Dayton, Ohio


Schedule of Events

Friday, March 24, 2023

Registration Opens **

Doors Open **

Quartet Semi-Finals Contest **

President's Hospitality Room (Challenger) *

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Registration Opens **

EIH Chorus Rehearsal **

Doors Open **

Chorus Contest **

Biofeedback & Technology for Voice (#304) **

Standing Ovation Class (#302) **

Town Hall w/Marty Monson (#304) **

Music Reading Session (#302) **

Warm Up Practicum (#307) **

Quartet Finals **

Hospitality Rooms Open

   --(Challenger/Discovery, Kitty Hawk, Armstrong) *


*Headquarters Hotel - Holiday Inn Fairborn

** Contest Site - Dayton Convention Center

4:00 pm

5:30 pm

6:00 pm

After the Contest

8:00 am

8:30 am

9:30 am

10:00 am

2:00 pm

2:00 pm

3:00 pm

4:00 pm

4:00 pm

7:00 pm

10:00 pm

Hospitality Rooms

President's Hospitality Room

Friday - After Contest - Holiday Inn Fairborn - Challenger Room

All Are Invited to Attend!

JAD & CAR Hospitality Rooms

Saturday - After Contest - Holiday Inn Fairborn

hosted by Circle City Chorus, Summit City Chorus,

and Southern Gateway Chorus


Kitty Hawk


Hospitality Rooms

Dayton Convention Center has a "no outside food or drink policy."  There is a concession stand available in the lobby.

JAD President's Welcome

Welcome to Dayton. It is hard to believe it was already a year ago that we hosted our first in-person convention after Covid. There was a specific moment from that weekend I will never forget. I was walking around the afterglow and just stopped. I looked around, and everywhere around me, I saw groups of people talking, laughing, and singing. I heard some chords ringing and some clanging, and for a minute, I couldn’t do anything but stand there and smile. I didn’t honestly know until that moment just how much I had missed it.


I missed the contests, sure, but what I really missed was the people. I don’t ever want to take the social aspect of this hobby for granted again. In the aftermath of Covid, with all of the isolation, angst, and stress of living through a global pandemic, gathering with your community to commiserate, celebrate, and recuperate is more critical than ever.


And to get completely cliche about it, “community” isn’t even the right word. This is family. All of you are my family. I wouldn’t raise my kids in the hobby if it weren’t the case. Now while every family has a crazy uncle (that may well be me) and an annoying cousin (that may well be you), we’re still family, and I wouldn’t trade any of you. So welcome to the family reunion; it’s great to see you again. Our extended family is here from Cardinal again, and I’m very thankful for the relationship we’ve developed over the last year. The more, the merrier. We’ve got singing, contests, classes, awards, and afterglows for everyone.


On behalf of myself and the Johnny Appleseed District, welcome to Dayton. We’re glad you’re here. Now let’s have the best day ever!

CC Snyder

JAD President

CC Signature.png
CC Profile Pic.png

JAD Events Team

Welcome from your JAD

Director of Events & Conventions

Spring Convention 2023 is here, and we are excited to welcome everyone back to Dayton, Ohio. We are thrilled to have 17 quartets and 7 choruses! We have many opportunities outside of the contest that I hope that you will take part in. PVIs, a fireside chat with BHS CEO Marty Monson, our ever popular Music Reading Class, Presidents’ Hospitality Room on Friday, Gateway Dogs on Saturday, and lots more! Please take time to sing a tag and grab a photo with a friend you have not seen in a while! We will be sharing a link to a google drive where you can post those pictures with the entire district to share!


As always if we can help you in any way over the weekend, please let us know!

Nathan Miller

JAD Director of Events & Conventions

Nathan Miller.jpg

CAR President's Welcome

Hey Barbershoppers! Welcome competitors and spectators alike to the Cardinal/Johnny Appleseed Districts' joint Spring Convention in Dayton. After 2 great joint conventions in 2022, we decided to return to Dayton again for Spring 2023. It was great to be able to gather for convention last year, and I’m looking forward to again hearing some great music and reconnecting with fellow Barbershoppers from both Cardinal and JAD.


Thanks to the Events teams from both CAR and JAD, as much work goes into planning and executing this event. For months the Events teams have been working on lining everything up and adjusting plans as changes required, and during the couple days of the convention people are continuing to work hard to ensure things move smoothly. Be sure to take the opportunity to thank these individuals for their work on this.

So enjoy the music. Connect with friends old and new, both CAR and JAD. Sing a tag or 2, or more, or a couple polecats with fellow Barbershoppers. Participate in some of the non-contest activities. Mix with others while enjoying some food and beverage in the Hospitality rooms. If you’ve been to convention before, you know what a great time these are. If not, come and see. It’s great to have you here. I know you’ll have a great time. This convention also offers you the opportunity to chat with your district leaders. So stop and say hi to any of us. We’d be glad to chat with you.


“Keep the Whole World Singing!”

Gordon Morrow

CAR President

Gordon Morrow.jpg

CAR Events Team

Welcome from your CAR

Events & Conventions Vice President

Welcome to the third combined convention of the Johnny Appleseed and Cardinal Districts of the Barbershop Harmony Society. The combined district Events Teams have worked seamlessly to provide a welcoming convention, including numerous non-contest activities. There are Friday sessions for tag singing and Saturday sessions on music reading, biofeedback, the Standing Ovation program, and more tag singing. In addition, there will be hospitality rooms Saturday night for us all to gather to sing and visit each other. Convention participants will also have a terrific opportunity to join Barbershop Harmony Society CEO Marty Monson in a Town Hall meeting. Marty will present the latest data on Society impacts in our singing communities. Following Marty’s update, we will have the opportunity for a Q&A session, so please plan on joining Marty Saturday afternoon at 3 PM in the Convention Center.


In addition to all those exciting opportunities, the JAD Marketplace will be available at the Convention Center. Marketplace has much new merchandise and is a terrific opportunity to get the same items that you would get through the Society website but without the shipping charge that can add as much as 10% to the purchase price.


All in all, Dayton is going to be a “don’t miss” weekend, and the combined Events Teams look forward to sharing great barbershop memories with you!


Skipp Kropp

CAR Vice-President of Events

Alliance for online program.jpg
Newark Ad1.jpg

BHS Judging Panel


The Music judge is responsible for adjudicating the musical elements of the performance. He judges the degree to which the musical delivery demonstrates an artistic sensitivity to the song’s ongoing predominant musical element(s) and mood or story, as well as the extent to which the musical performance displays the hallmarks of the barbershop style. One of the primary hallmarks of barbershop music is its consonant harmony. Thus, the quality of performance depends largely on the ensemble presence, accurate execution, and artistic delivery of the consonant harmonies traditionally identified with the barbershop style. Indirectly, the Music judge evaluates the work of the composer and arranger. A basic prerequisite for a successful barbershop performance is that the song be appropriate to the barbershop style.



One significant goal of any art form is communication. A barbershop performance refers to how the artist communicates his/her message and vision via the transformation of a song into an entertaining experience for an audience. The performance of a song is the artist’s gift to the audience; whose experiences, memories, and imagination transform that gift into an emotional experience. The performers’ goal is to create a high level of entertainment through the performance. The means to that end are as varied as the personality, abilities, and creative skills of the performers.



Judges in this category evaluate the degree to which the performer achieves artistic singing in the barbershop style: the production of vibrant, rich, resonant, technically accurate, and highly skilled sound, created both by the individual singer’s use of good vocal techniques and by the ensemble processes of tuning, balancing, unity of sound and precision. They listen for a sense of precise intonation, a feeling of fullness or expansion of sound, a perception of a high degree of vocal skill, a high level of unity and consistency throughout the performance, and a freedom from apparent effort that allows the full communication of the lyric and song.


Calendar of Events

JAD BarberJam

Pritchard Laughlin Civic Center

Cambridge, OH

BHS International

Louisville, KY

JAD/CAR Joint Fall Convention

Wyndham West Indianapolis

Indianapolis, IN


Lewis Center, OH

June 16-17, 2023

July 2-9, 2023

October 27-28, 2023

January 5-6, 2024

BHS Logo Circle.png

BHS Representative

Marty Monson, BHS CEO

Town Hall Meeting with Marty

Saturday, 3:00 pm
Room 304
Dayton Convention Center

JAD Marketplace

Visit the JAD Marketplace for all your barbershop needs.  Open during all contest sessions in the lobby of the Dayton Convention Center.

Everyone In Harmony

Mic Testing Chorus

with Evan Boegehold

Your chorus not competing this weekend? You can still sing on the Contest Stage with the Mic Tester Chorus! Be on the stage in the theater at 9:00 am on Saturday. The chorus will perform “Sweet and Lovely” and “Heart of My Heart”


HFI Representative

Dennis Castiglione
BarberQ - JAD Program Ad - Spring 2023 v3.jpg
Akron ad1024_1.jpg

Non-Contest Activities

If you're looking for some educational opportunities, want some voice lessons, a chat with the BHS CEO, or just a break from the contest, there are a variety of classes and sessions available throughout the weekend.  Descriptions and instructors linked below.

Is there anything to do besides watch the contest?

What Contests Will Be Held at the 2023 Spring Convention?

International Qualifiers, District Chorus Championships, and more!
Louisville Volunteer.jpg
Non-Contest Activities
Quartet Prelims

Friday, March 24, 2023 - 6:00 pm
Dayton Convention Center Theater

Gordon Morrow
CAR President

Chorus Contest

Saturday, March 25, 2023 - 10:00 am
Dayton Convention Center Theater

Marty Monson
BHS Chief Executive Officer

Quartet Finals


Saturday, March 25, 2023 - 7:00 pm
Dayton Convention Center Theater

David Zimmerman
Tenor of 2015 BHS Champion Instant Classic

District Officers
Johnny Appleseed District
Leadership Team

President: C.C. Snyder
Immediate Past President: David Rubin
Executive Vice President: Karl Chapple
Secretary: David Short
Treasurer: Chad Lulfs
Member at Large SW: Buck Wick
Member at Large SE: Steve Patrick
Member at Large NE: Rusty Cates
Member at Large NW: Will Baughman

JAD Logo.jpg
Operations Team

Director of Contest and Judging: Bari Courts
Director of Events: Nathan Miller
Director of Music Leadership: Karen Boyer
Director of Administrative Leadership: Ric Keaster
Director of Outreach: Jake Bavarsky
Director of Marketing: Sharon Stevens
Technology Czar: C.C. Snyder

Cardinal District
Leadership Team

President: Gordon Morrow
Immediate Past President: Willard Adkins
Executive Vice President: Derek Bailer
Secretary: John Frantsvog
Treasurer: Jerry Troxel
VP of Events: Skipp Kropp
VP of Leadership Development: Don Green
Member at Large: Tim Cash
Member at Large: Jonathan Snyder

Cardinal Logo.jpg
Operations Team

Music & Performance
Director of Music Education: Jim DeBusman
District Rep for Contest & Judging: Kyle Kitzmiller

Membership Services
Director of Member Services: D. Joey Larr
Director of Communications: Jerry Troxel

Other District Contacts
District Registrar: Gary Sicard
District Awards Chairman: Steve McCullough

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