Course Offerings

Presidents: Skipp Kropp (Past BHS President)

This session will provide the basics as well as discussions on typical issues faced by Boards and, particularly, the Chapter President. Effective leadership in this position will shape the current success and foreseeable future of any chapter. Skipp will be adapting his delivery to the needs of the audience, and he is needing both novice and experienced presidents to attend. 

Secretaries: Jeff Ulrich (JAD Secretary)

The Chapter Secretary is one of three indispensable positions on local boards responsible for multiple duties vital to the chapter’s success, not only from an internal perspective but keeping the chapter aligned with BHS structures and expectations as well. Again, both novice and experienced Chapter Secretaries are encouraged to attend and participate in the discussions. Avoiding mistakes others have had to learn firsthand is part of being a good Chapter Secretary.

Treasurers:  John Santora (BHS Treasurer)

John has effectively conducted these sessions and others like them for us in JAD and elsewhere. If anyone knows the job inside and out, he does. Like the Chapter Secretary, the Chapter Treasurer is one of those key positions without which a chapter cannot function. Also, like the Secretary, the Treasurer handles both internal and external responsibilities to keep the chapter both solvent and in line with Society expectations.

Membership & Marketing:  Michele Niec (JAD Director of Marketing)

In Michele’s words, “What is your 2021 Story?  I truly believe recruitment and retention is not a lost cause at this time of the unknown. In fact, I think now is the best time to tell your story, to think big and different and unusual. It's a time to shed that this-is-how-we've-always-done-it coat and try something new, something daring, something WOW. I'll bring my list of crazy ideas, you bring yours, and let's talk.”

Music & Performance:  Jeff Gehm (JAD Director of Music) 9a-12p

Jeff will be discussing the why's, what's, when's, how's of being on a MAP Team and how it should interact with the Chapter Board, the Director, and members of the chorus. He has synopsized the MAP Team Manual to get through it in 3 hours, so he will discuss BHS recommendations, as well as real-life issues we run into at every chorus level. 

Leading Through the Unknown:  Steve Wyszomierski (Past JAD President) 1-4p

Each of us has been forced to not only create a new lifestyle in 2020, but also to constantly update, tweak, and adapt to external changes happening to us almost weekly.  To those who sing, we know the cathartic effects that lifting our individual and collective voices can produce.  How do we as chapter leaders prepare for 2021 knowing that the horizon of hope is drawing closer?  Leading Through the Unknown is an explorative session whose intent is to prepare chapter leaders for the various scenarios possible when we do finally gather.  Though we would welcome just knowing the responsibilities of our selected chapter role, there is more to the job for the coming year.   This class will examine three key components of chapter preparation that run parallel to traditional chapter officer training and also allow for the expression of individual participant concerns as we all move forward and hopefully through this crisis.