This year we're proud to host our friends from the Cardinal District

Leadership Academy is a weekend training seminar for chapter leadership.  Courses are offered for chapter officers, musical leadership, and future leaders.  It's a great opportunity for those interested in leadership to hear new concepts, network, get some essential leadership tools, get in some singing, and experience some solid brotherhood.  LeadAc is done early in the year so chapter leadership can go back to their chapters energized and full of new ideas.​​

Jan 17-18, 2020

Embassy Suites Dublin
Embassy Suites Dublin

Embassy Suites Dublin
Embassy Suites Dublin


Fri 5:30pm - Sat 7:00pm

5100 Upper Metro Place, Dublin, Ohio, 43017

Leadership Academy 2020 Features

LeadAc:  Traditional Tracks for Chapter Leaders

Select this option during the Eventbrite registration.  Choose from the following:

  • President:  Skipp Kropp (Immediate Past BHS President)

  • Secretary:  Jeff Ulrich (JAD Secretary)

  • Treasurer:  John Santora (BHS Treasurer)

  • Director:  Theo Hicks (lead from Instant Classic, 2015 BHS Quartet Champions)

  • Music & Performance:  Jeff Gehm (JAD Director of Music)

  • Membership & Marketing:  Michele Niec (Founder of Communication Elements)

LeadAc Plus:  Enhance Your Barbershop Skills

Select this option during the Eventbrite registration.  Choose from V-Track, S-Track, P-Track, and SC-Track.

  • V-Track: Healthy Singing, Quality Singing, Lifelong Singing (Two 90-minute segments)  The focus of this track is Vocal Techniques to use your mechanism in a way that will enable you to sing well as an individual singer or as an ensemble singer, so you can enjoy singing for many years.  Instructors will ask for volunteers to demonstrate proper vocal techniques.

    • Vocal Health including diet, hydration, rest, and things to avoid

    • Vocal Production including breathing, posture, resonance

    • Vocal Longevity includes considerations for the senior voice

  • Vocal Coaching Under Glass (One 90-minute session)  While technically part of the V-Track, all interested individuals are welcome to attend.  In this class, clinicians will invite volunteers to be coached in front of the class.  The volunteers will benefit from high-level vocal coaching, and observers will learn by seeing and hearing how adjustments to singing techniques can make significant improvements in vocal production.

  • S-Track: Everything About Shows (Two 90 minute segments)   The focus of this track is to help chapters with Show Production to deliver better shows with less stress by understanding what show production involves and learning best practices. If needed, S-102 may be repeated Saturday afternoon for those who were not available for the morning session.

    • Types of shows

    • Writing a good show script

    • Building a show committee

    • Show planning

    • Staging your show

    • Sound and lighting

  • P-Track: Performing Your Message (Two 90-minute segments)  The focus of this track is to help singers and choruses get more satisfaction from their Performance and better entertain their audiences by presenting a visual delivery that matches the vocal message of their songs. If needed, P-102 may be repeated Saturday afternoon for those who were not available for the morning session.

    • Agreeing on the message of a song

    • Developing the message visually

    • Getting outside of yourself

    • Making it real

  • From Concept to Reality (One 90-Minute Session)  This class combines leadership with a management plan to translate good ideas into reality.  It is a facilitated planning session that works through strategic goal setting, goal prioritization, and implementation planning,  using project management tools to build a realistic plan that can be managed through proven leadership skills.  Once learned, this method can be applied to any project a chapter wants to undertake.  

    • A minimum of four chapter members is required to participate in this class.  

  • SC-Track: Small Chorus Coaching  New this year, these coaching sessions are intended to help a chorus improve its product when performing for an audience, whether for their annual show, a local gig, or at a contest.  They will be coached by a team of top-level coaches during a 2 ½ hour session.  LeadAc registration is not required for the chorus to participate, only registration for the Small Chorus Coaching.  (see EventBrite)

Electives:  Extra Learning for Everyone

Everyone gets to choose two electives to take on Saturday.  Select one class during registration for your morning elective and one for your afternoon elective.

  • So You Want To Be a Judge - How to apply to enter the judging program, and what is it like to be a judge

  • Vocal Production - Basics of the vocal mechanism

  • Sight Reading - How to become an independent sight reader

  • Understanding Millennials - Generational differences and similarities

  • Social Media & Digital Marketing - Do's and don’ts when using social media

  • Care and Feeding of the Senior Voice - Getting older does not mean your singing is ending

  • Music Fundamentals for Barbershoppers - Music theory for beginners

  • Inclusion - How to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome in your chapter

  • Basic Arranging - How to get started arranging songs

Registration & Payment

To register please go to JAD 2020 Leadership Academy Registration. You may choose to pay through Eventbrite (linked below) using a credit card. You may also choose to pay by check. If you are registering at the Early Bird Rate your check must be postmarked by December 20, 2019, to receive the reduced rate.  Checks should be mailed to Sharon Stevens, JAD Registration Manager, 611 Stewart Park, Cross Lanes, WV 25313.

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Early Bird Tuition

Early Bird Registration Closes Dec 20, 2019.  All registrations must be paid for by Dec 15, 2019, to lock in the Early Bird rate.


Small Chorus Coaching

Small Chorus Coaching Registration Closes Jan 15, 2020.  LeadAc registration is not required.  Saturday lunch is not included.  Lunch can be purchased for individual members as desired.

  • Small Chorus Coaching:  $100

  • Small Chorus Saturday Lunch:  $30


  • Double Occupancy includes breakfast and lunch on Sat.  You must share the room with another LeadAc attendee.

  • Single Occupancy includes breakfast and lunch on Sat.

  • "3-fer":  You must choose to room with two others who have paid for double occupancy each from the same chapter.  Includes breakfast and lunch on Sat​.

  • Commuter includes lunch only on Sat.

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