This year we're proud to host our friends from the Cardinal & Pioneer Districts

Leadership Academy is a weekend training seminar for chapter leadership.  Courses are offered for chapter officers, musical leadership, and future leaders.  It's a great opportunity for those interested in leadership to hear new concepts, network, get some essential leadership tools, get in some singing, and experience some solid fellowship.  LeadAc is done early in the year so chapter leadership can go back to their chapters energized and full of new ideas.​​

Jan 7-8, 2022

Fri 7:00pm - Sat 5:00pm

100 Green Meadows Dr South, Lewis Center, OH 43035


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Covid Policy Update Graphic.png

Vaccines and boosters are highly recommended for all attendees

ALL indoor LeadAc activities will require wearing of an N95 mask or better with the following exceptions:

  • When actively eating or drinking

  • If lecturing or presenting: assuming appropriate social distancing to the class attendees

  • If singing in a quartet while either performing or getting formal coaching (i.e. Top Gun): assuming appropriate social distancing to spectators/coaches

Disposable N95 masks will be made available to attendees as needed.

Please do NOT attend under any of the following circumstances:

  • Within the prior 14 days, you have tested positive for, or been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19

  • Within the prior 48 hours, you have experienced symptoms of COVID-19 (e.g., a fever of 100.4⁰F or higher, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, repeated shaking, muscle pain/achiness, headache, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, nasal congestion, runny nose, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue or any other symptoms associated with COVID-19 identified by the CDC)

  • Within the prior 14 days, you have traveled to any state or international territory identified by federal or applicable local governments as being subject to travel or quarantine advisories due to COVID-19

We will offer a full refund if you do not attend due to one of these circumstances. Please let us know before the event starts.

Leadership Academy 2022 Features

Keynote Speaker & Featured Instructor: Joe Cerutti

Joe Cerutti, the Artistic Director of the Alexandria Harmonizers and the Director of Outreach for the Barbershop Harmony Society, will deliver 3 speeches over the course of Friday and Saturday covering a variety of topics.  

  • Leader: Not A Title

  • Infusing Chapter Into Community:  A variety of ways to establish and expand your footprint within your community and among your “publics.”

  • Coaching Under Glass

Featured Performers & Instructors: Half & Half  

Half & Half is a mixed quartet from JAD and Cardinal with four talented musicians who will be both performing and teaching a variety of classes.

  • Kim Newcomb - Vocal Development, Intentional Skill Building

  • Jenni Sheets - Importance of Your Brand

  • Cy Wood - Prosody, We the Storytellers

  • Kohl Kitzmiller - Vulnerability and Performance, Arranging

  • PLUS a Class with all 4 on How To Create A Mixed Quartet

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Half and Half Logo.png
LeadAc:  Traditional Tracks for Chapter Leaders

Select this option during the Eventbrite registration.  Choose from the following:

  • President:  Steve Wyszomierski (former JAD President)

  • Secretary:  John Frantsvog (CAR Secretary)

  • Treasurer:  Jerry Troxel (CAR Treasurer)

  • Directors, Music & Performance:  Joe Cerutti (director of Alexandria Harmonizers)Jay Dougherty (director of the Alliance)

  • Membership & Marketing:  Dennis Castiglione 

Electives:  Extra Learning for Everyone
  • Social Media 101 (Dennis Castiglione)  Join us as we drill down on the basics of using social media as part of your chapter marketing efforts. We’ll talk about adding ‘followers’, creating visitor engagement and sustaining a flow of content with purpose and direction that generates results.

  • Power of Harmony (Dennis Castiglione) An explanation of this program which introduces music to incarcerated youth in juvenile correctional facilities. Discussion will include how chapters and their members can become involved as mentors, educators, and performers. 

  • AIC Outreach (Dennis Castiglione) An information session on the AIC Outreach Program. We’ll explore ‘why and how’ to engage championship quartets for chapter shows and youth outreach programs.

  • Bring Your Song to Life with Performance Techniques (Brian O'Dell) Focus is on taking the message of the song, making it your own, and delivering it with emotion and storytelling – using both the lyrics and what the arranger has provided for you.

  • Off Paper, Now What? (Brian O'Dell) Between learning the song and walking onstage to perform it, something magical happens; focus on rehearsal techniques and craft to bring the score and lyrics to life for your audiences.

  • Recognizing and Overcoming Performance Nerves (Brian O'Dell) The session will focus on recognizing what is happening in the moment that makes you anxious or nervous, regardless of audience or venue, and how to make these “butterflies” work for you.

  • Stage Fright (Brian O'Dell)  Understanding what stage fright is, what it produces, and how you can better control it to maximize your performance when it really counts.  

  • Vocal Craft Instead of Warmups (Jay Dougherty) What do we do with our “warm up” time? Do our singers actually need to warm up? How should the time be used? Learn how to better utilize “warm up” time by actively engaging with singers to achieve more unity and vocal health.

  • Let the Music Guide You (Jay Dougherty) What is the most effective way to treat embellishments? When should we change dynamics and why? Which chords should be held, and which shouldn’t? How do you decide where to breathe in any given phrase? Learn how to dissect the musical elements provided by the arranger to maximize your interpretive range.

  • Differences Between MUS Judges and SNG Judges (Jay Dougherty) This session will break down the two categories in easy-to-understand terms by using video examples and discussion. Presented by a MUS judge who teaches mostly SNG techniques for his day job.

  • Maximizing Overtones (Jay Dougherty) Do you regularly hear overtones? What are overtones, how do you hear them, and most importantly, what good are they in a chorus or quartet rehearsal? Discover what overtones sound like, what they look like, and how to amplify them when singing.

  • Importance of Your Brand (Jenni Sheets) Take a look at your mission statement/goals, logo, marketing, and overall look as an ensemble.  

  • Vocal Development: Intentional Skill Building (Kim Newcomb) The most important part of rehearsal is the time you spend on warmups – if you do it right. Change your auto pilot routine into an engaging opportunity for vocal development and skill building.

  • Vulnerability and Performance (Kohl Kitzmiller) This session will take a look at some moving performances to discuss what moments felt the most genuine and why in an attempt to focus our efforts on better delivering what the writers and arrangers have provided for us.

  • Arranging (Kohl Kitzmiller) A demonstration of how to use technology and his personal approach to arranging by one recently recognized at the national level for his abilities.  

  • We, the Storytellers (Cy Wood) A close examination of theatrical pedagogy to enhance choral or quartet performance.

  • Prosody: Rhythm and Poetry (Cy Wood) A session on the patterns of rhythm and sound used in poetry to enhance interpretation and performance of songs.  

  • Emerging from the Pandemic a Stronger and More Agile Singer (Jay Butterfield) This session is for singers and those who lead singers. Techniques will be shared and practiced for vocal strengthening, efficiency and vocal ease throughout the range.

  • Planning Effective Rehearsals (Jay Butterfield) The session will explore the process of planning for rehearsal that includes goal setting, variety, pacing, quick wins & challenges, and progress assessment.

  • Creating an Optimal Performance State at Every Rehearsal (Jay Butterfield) Patterned on elements of growth mindset and progressive leadership theory, the session focuses on what happens prior to rehearsal and AFTER rehearsal for what happens AT rehearsal. 

  • Developing a CHAPTER and MUSIC TEAM Culture of Success: It’s not me, it’s WE (Jay Butterfield) Shared ownership of the chapter and chorus will be discussed within a framework of shared leadership and service.

  • Creating A Mixed Quartet (Kim Newcomb, Cy Wood, Jenni Sheets, & Kohl Kitzmiller)


Registration & Payment

To register please go to JAD 2022 Leadership Academy Registration. You may choose to pay through Eventbrite (linked below) using a credit card. 

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Early Bird Tuition

NOTE:  Early Bird Registration Closes Dec 17, 2021.  All registrations must be paid for by Dec 17, 2021, to lock in the Early Bird rate.


  • Single Occupancy includes breakfast and lunch on Sat.

  • Double Occupancy includes breakfast and lunch on Sat.  You must share the room with another LeadAc attendee.

  • Triple Occupancy includes breakfast and lunch on Sat.  You must share the room with 2 other LeadAc attendees.

  • Quadruple Occupancy includes breakfast and lunch on Sat.  You must share the room with 3 other LeadAc attendees.

  • Commuter includes lunch only on Sat.

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